About Me

Started career as a hardware support, and to prove a point, shifted to software and took a passion toward Unix, C and oracle. Thought Developer 2000 is going to be the thing I would work with, But was not the case. Become a software trainer and grew to become an executive with Software Solutions Integrated Limited, Chennai. Got tired of doing the same and left the job and was looking around to become a developer. A contract came up from Institute of Business Studies, Papua New Guinea, around mid of 1999 and took off to PNG. Lived there for some 3 years, using Linux, Windows, Visual Basic, Oracle for all the things i love to do, and brought out IBSOpera, and Executive support system, along with bringing out an intranet setup and internal mailing system and similar stuff. Along, build IBS website one time. Then got back to India, got married and joined Tratum technologies (was iOrmyx then), and grew from Software Engg to Delivery Head over a span of five years. Finally wanted to get back to development, and the idea of working from home felt good, and thus, from mid 2008 on, am a freelancer working from home, picking work, that are long term contracts. I take care of everything technology related in app development and adapt to what is required for that particular time of need :-)

Why the name Angeldrome??

Why not? :-) Thought process was like(when i got my first domain made in around 2000.. []), a landing place for angels, and had the idea to make a site, that would be used for helping others.