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I required a whatsapp client for linux, to seperate web whatsapp from the browser and also to get it docked in systray that access is much easier.
this is done with pytqt5 and python3 and is doing good. One big issue i had was with the UserAgent string that chromium give in pyqt5, that whatsapp found allergic to and was rejecting the requests saying browser need to be upgraded.
So provided a custom UA and all were well. But then, noticed that whenever i restart my machine without closing whatsapp client., the same error was thrown at me, even though, i was having the custom UA in place.
Now what is being done is, whatsapp client runs as a service. it wakes up when app starts and is closed before shutdown is made.
And further to that, made the cache in my control by configuring it be stored in a known location, and each time, when the service comes up, i clear a couple of places in the cache directory such as:
cache/'Service Worker'/*
cache/'Local Storage'/*
and all is good now...
Not sure, whether this is something that is missing with chromium on how the cache is managed, or I am missing something. Thought would record it here, and can take up at a later time.
5/30/20, 12:22 PM