Freelancer / Contract

From mid 2008 onward (Please refer my resume), I have been freelancing and engaging myself as a long-term contracted employee for remote positions. Given my exposure to various technologies and my high motivated spirits, I have really enjoyed working in this way, without the barriers of corporate restrictions and time spent on non technical matter. I have so far as a consultant, been a total technical resource, have managed team for companies and overall have done good development work. I would love to associate myself with a team, that is very positive and vibrant toward technology and focus on output. I am a kind of personality, that would balance with team and would love share thoughts and learn in due course. If you happen to have a position for me, please do connect with me through G+ (or) Linkedin (or) Email.


With my background in technical training field and my expertise gained over the years of experience, I can provide quality training, and have undertaken good amount of remote training for candidates even offshore. I can take up training provided I have a batch of minimum eight people and who can allot a fixed time to meet my time availability. Please refer my resume to check the fields, where i can provide training. I love to train in PHP and CakePHP / python / react / JEE among others, and always find some time to do that. If you have a requirement, Please do contact me. I use meet + moodle to conduct training.


When I have some free time, I volunteer for worthy cause. If you have some good volunteering need, feel free to send me a note.