Sriram Rangaswamy

Sriram Rangaswamy

Web, Mobile and Hybrid Developer, R&D, Remote Contracts


Versatile in Volatile Industry.. (Ready now, for the next challenge)

Work Experience

Agile Software Solutions Papua New Guinea

September 2023 - January 2024

A start up in Papua New Guinea with whom I used BQ, Firebase DB, with Fast API backend and wxpython front end and made a couple of desktop apps for their schooling and a govt solution.

Provis Technologies Private Limited. website

October 2022 - August 2023

Joined as Engineering Head and contributed on security related implementations, proxy server architectures and a Node stack (React and NestJS based stack) application development. website

July 2022 - September 2022

In the lean time, worked as a consultant to take control of their inhouse portal and to shape up the development team. Along took ownership and brought in controls and processes in place..

The Smart Cube. website

April 2021 - June 2022

Placed under contract via 10XTD

Brought in SOLR capability. Working with the PHP team, assets python team and Data Engineering team. Involved in improving performance and improving build and deployment processes. Working parallel in multiple streams.

Continuation of Asthmaxcel to Wellxcel to handle multiple conditions.

April 2020 - March 2021

Continuation of Asthmaxcel to extend and support diabetes and other medical condition adoption. Made a design that, a common core engine can extend and suit for multiple conditions.Also upgraded everything into laravel.

Shikshalokam - Advaith Foundation. website

October 2019 - March 2020

Worked as Manager Engineering, with tech stack involving NodeJS, JEE, Keycloak, Mongo, Elastic Search among others

Healthcare gaming app startup. website

December 2018 - September 2019

Worked in Code Igniter, IONIC, EPIC, HIPAA etc to bring out a solution for this startup.

Shouter Technologies.

June 2017 - June 2018

Worked with Shouter Technology to bring out an application using CakePHP in Google Cloud.

Clayton Kendall Inc.

Jan 2015 - June 2017

Worked with Clayton Kendall Inc as a freelance full time PHP developer. Contributing in a set of projects with them.

Skylim Services Private Limited.

June 2013 - Dec 2014

Worked in Contract with Skylim as architect for their carpooling app . Took over the code base and brought out First release, further, then, had revamped the whole architecture and design, and have brought out Version 2. Working toward Version 3 now.

AgileMindLeaders Inc.,

February 2009 - March 2012

Worked on various initiatives including staffingbook. JEE, CakePHP, JOSSO, ruby, C#, Salesforce to name few.

Insight Methods Inc.,

May 2008 - Feb 2009

Worked with insightmethods, to evolve a work flow related application based on Ruby, Merb and Extjs..

Tratum Technologies Private Limited (India). Website

Apr 2003 - Apr 2008 :: Manager Delivery - Cochin unit

Have worked in various challenging projects and brought out a high performance team over this period.

Institute of Business Studies, Papua new Guinea. Website

Mar 2000 - Jan 2003 :: Manager Systems

Developed IBS Opera, an executive support system, took care of the IT infrastructure, Networking, IT .

aCarLab India Private Limited.

Jan 1999 till May 2000 :: Software Engineer

Developing Database applications.

Software Solution Private Limited. Website

Feb 1997 - Aug 1998 :: Executive Operations and DBA

Did a lot there and was a happy work place.

Race Consultants Private Limited.

Oct 1995 - Aug 1996 :: Hardware Support and Software In-charge.

First job. Hardware support activities and installation and assembling computers.


  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Extjs
  • JQuery
  • Sencha Touch
  • Shell scripts
  • PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter
  • JEE
  • Ruby, Merb, Rails
  • Git, Subversion, CVS, ...
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • HP/UX
  • MySQL, Oracle
  • Informatica
  • Jquery Mobile


Web Development

Can handle any requirement on own, and I take ownership and produce my best.

Mobile Development

Can develop mobile versions of applications for any smart phone and passion stays with Android.

Team Management

Have been a team management person since start. Please check my linked in recommendations.


Xpectum. website

Via Provis Technologies worked on improving this education portal, including upgrading the node stack with security related improvements and performance audit and fixes.

Fixed gaps in requirements, issues with infrastructure, introducing i18n capability, security fixes, to name a few.

improved db and nestjs response time.

The Smart Cube - Amplifipro. website

As consultant, brought in reviews to meet reusable code base and improving performance.

Brought in SOLR capability.

Addressed few security related updates.

The Smart Cube - Smartrisk. website

Did a complete code review and provided insights on performance improvements. (Laravel, PHP)

Worked with the database team for concepts that would help in faster computation and faster responding RDBMS for report consumption.

The Smart Cube - partnerships. website

As a part of assets suite of applications, provided a module that can consume heavy load of consumer data and store in local data stores.

Implemented Celery with multi processing approach to form layers of data processing and make tailored data presented for other suite of front end layers.

django with postgres in stack. heavy usage of pandas and customized django admin section to work per needs of specific custom backend operations.

The Smart Cube - assets. website

As a part of assets suite of applications, provided a module that works with configurable multi thread mode to take a very large data set and process it in backend as multi threaded and front end presented via async communication.

Design made in such a way that any heavy large size file, with heavy data can be processed without a server timeout.

Shikshalokam - Advaith Foundation. website

Worked as Manager Engineering, with tech stack involving NodeJS, JEE, Keycloak, Mongo, Elastic Search among others

Cracked a couple of solutions using ionic for their existing mobile apps.

Developed Keycloak based SPI to address a specific external authentication requirement.

Created some scripts to deploy in jenkins to automate ionic apk generation.

Managed and improvised overall SCRUM process.

Healthcare gaming app (Asthmaxcel). website

Worked in Code Igniter, IONIC, EPIC, HIPAA etc to deal with a complete HIPAA compliant API development, that supply data for the mobile front gaming app.

Further took over their ionic mobile app, when security implementations become an issue, and completed.

Worked on creating interface to communicate with EPIC

Did overall server safeguarding, API layer, backend, safeguarding, and implementing suggested flows in both backend and mobile frontend to adher to HIPAA standards.

Shouter Technology UK Live Site

A friend's intiative, where we wanted to bring out an application that uses AI to analyse a website and provide various analytics over the site's efficiency matched against its competitors. We were able to bring out all core features uing google and ibm's AI solutions... But we never made it live, cause of my availability and need for a full time job.

Clayton Kendall Site

They have a bunch of inhouse e-commerce implementations in PHP and was in PHP5.x environment. Worked in various applications in their suite.

Developed an app for marketing requirement, where i brought out a calendar integrated with google places api, that marketing can create events and pin map locations for areas of interest, after seeing the quantum of visibility, the data that places provides. is an online travel portal for sharing the trips by bidding the fare, date and time, match and share the trip for those traveling to the like destination. Working on various features, having a full functional REST API for external access. Working on Version 3 feature set as today.

StaffingBook details

Linux, CakePHP, Facebook API, Linkedin API, Payment Processing, Messaging Queueing, Pdf generation and editing, SOAP, JSON.

HL7 Message parser and data delivery

Linux, JBoss, JSON, JMS, Quartz, jhl7 api, MySQL, SOAP


Product development related to event and marketing, Linux, CakePHP, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, JSON, Rails, JOSSO

Workflow Management Application details

Linux, Ruby, Mysql, Sqlite, Rails, OpenVPN, ExtJS

BT CNH IVR scripting For British Telecom details

As a part of Tratum technology offshore work, lead a team to develop this IVR script within CosmoCall Suite

Adapter porting to HPUX 64 bit for Dataflux - SAS details

As a part of Tratum technology offshore work, developed this as a domain expert using Linux, Oracle, HPUX - C++, Informatica a Fashionista social networking website details

Towards the end of 2006, this was developed using PHP4, Mysql4, AJAX, CakePHP framework, Adobe Flex API,WML, RSS, Log4PHP, shell script. This had regex based dovecot mail parsing and posting blogs along with pictures from registered users, and many other unique solutions and features.

SEO and improving brilliant shopper in a generic way details

PHP4, Mysql4, RSS, XML, Perl, shell script, FunkLoad. Highlights: load and stress testing, page scrapper, db designs, SEO tracking evaluation (cookie based) and a search engine design to name a few.

Standards Of Care, Carescience Inc., US details

J2EE, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Jboss, Oracle9i, MSSQL.

BBWSRP details

J2EE, WSRP4J, Pluto, SPS, SOAP, Blackboard Building Block APIs

InformaticaETL For Thompson Prometric US details

Informatica Power Center 7.x and Oracle 8i.

Informatica Dataflux Intelliserver adapter For Dataflux Inc US. details

Informatica Power Center 7.x , gc++, vc++, linux, sun solaris and MS windows.

Care Data Exchange - Carescience Inc. details

BEA Weblogic portal 7, Oracle 8i, Linux, Vergence Sentillion. Took care of SSO, Certificate based 'Two Way Auth' all met by altering Weblogic security webflow. Also implemented Vergence Sentillion to implement application context sharing.

IBS Opera, IBS, Papua New Guinea. details

Oracle 8 and Visual Basic. Development 3 years, Implementation, networking, server installation, testing and all. Networking, Software installation, purchase, website development.